Mariya Kovaleva

Mariya Kovaleva

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First Name * Mariya
Last Name * Kovaleva
Username * mashamaklaut
Country * Ukraine
City Kiev
Languages Russian



Availability: Freelance


My name is Maria, I’m 28. And I currently live in Ukraine.

Some time ago I discovered photoshop and started making collages and retouching photos of myself. After I bought Wacom tablet in September I remembered how I liked painting when I was younger and decided why not to do something similar but in contemporary digital way. I started building my own style of painting: generally female fantasy portraits, combining a mix of photo and digital art. I like fresh and bright vibrant colors that make picture to look as it’s came from children’s dreams and fairies.
I’m a freelance artist now, working with individual customers and corporate clients.

My style is naturally evolving from one picture to another as I’m discovering new ideas that I try to implement in art.

You can watch my full portfolio on my deviantart web page:


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